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Across the years, I've gained a broad spectrum of experience from many fast-paced, high-pressure, people-pleasing positions. Much of the work I did was highly confidential with an extreme emphasis on production and zero tolerance for errors. I have collaborated with sales and marketing departments developing campaign strategies and marketing materials. I worked hard at establishing good customer relationships and conflict resolutions. I was involved with frequent up-selling, and I accurately and quickly negotiated company databases.

I have been employed as an administrative assistant, production assistant, real estate clerk, customer service representative, receptionist, author, publisher, editor, escrow officer, document analyst, direct sales assistant, and customer care specialist.

I adapt well to change. I listen. I possess unique questioning skills, knowing when and what to ask. I have the ability to work both independently and as part of a team. I can provide administrative support to a variety of clients and I am always thinking ahead.

    I have…

  • a professional phone and online image
  • strong written and verbal communication skills
  • an excellent and reliable record meeting deadlines
  • outstanding conflict resolution skills
  • the ability to work quickly, organize, multitask, and prioritize
  • absolute consideration and sincere respect for employers
  • the ability to provide consistent motivation
  • skilled sales and retention capabilities
  • good computer skills and the capacity to learn new programs quickly
  • proficiency in all Microsoft Office applications
  • a typing speed of 70 wpm
  • skills in bookkeeping, tracking reports, correspondence, contracts, email/phone/fax, calendar management, websites, customer contact/requests, data entry/processing, travel arrangements, research, blogs, social networking, self-publishing, online stores, and a whole lot more!!

I am also the mother of five home-schooled children, which is how I really learned to multitask, prioritize, and work with frequent interruptions! I reside with my oldest son and youngest daughter in a small Northern California town.



Executes social media strategies. Supports the management of relationships with media outlets, and assists with developing and maintaining social media presence.

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